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All About Fuelling & Hydration – Olivia Warnes


Step into the world of sports nutrition as we bring you an exclusive recording of our captivating Q&A session with Olivia Warnes, a highly experienced Sports Dietician. In this video, Olivia shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise, providing invaluable insights into fuelling and hydrating for long runs and races.

Olivia’s extensive experience in working with athletes to optimise their performance shines through as she addresses common queries and concerns regarding nutrition strategies for endurance sports. From pre-race meal planning to post-run recovery nutrition, she covers key aspects that can help you reach new heights in your athletic journey.

Whether you’re an avid runner, a marathon enthusiast, or simply interested in improving your performance, this video is a goldmine of practical tips and evidence-based advice. Olivia’s passion for sports nutrition is contagious, and her expertise will empower you to make informed choices that support your goals.

Don’t miss this chance to benefit from the wisdom of a seasoned professional in the sports industry. Tune in to the recording now and embark on a journey towards optimal fuelling and hydration for your long-distance runs and races.

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