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Running the NYC Marathon Together: A Journey of Strength and Connection


My daughter had never run any kind of distance when she agreed to try and run the NYC Marathon with me.  I knew we would need help, a lot of luck and hard work to get us there and that is where Anna Liptak and Adventure Time Travel came in. Piper signed up to the Small Steps – 12 month Marathon Program and I later followed with the 6 Month Training Program.

It is the journey together that is important to us, so we combine our training where we can even if we are doing different distances.  Anna and her programs have taught us both that running is more than just time on your legs. It is strength training, recovery and nutrition and also talking, laughter and the occasional cry. Running is always better with a buddy to motivate and encourage you and we are lucky to have that in each other but also the online community that Anna has created.

Piper is now over halfway in her program and last weekend we ran our first official half marathon event.  I couldn’t be prouder, and she is amazed how far she has come already…21.1km.  Finishing in a fast time is not our motivator, we put our best effort into each training session because it is another step in us reaching our goal of crossing that line together in New York, and then celebrating.

Piper had moved out of home before we started this journey but running together and having a common goal has kept us connected and that is the ‘why’ for us.

– Kristen Waddingham

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